Winter Update


Storrs Market will take place these next two Saturdays, 12/13 and 12/20.  These will be our last two markets of the season.  On the stand will be winter squash, pumpkins, carrots, beets, onions, and potatoes.   Our greenhouse greens are slower than we’d hoped.  We use the high tunnel for many things- At 15×75, it is nearly full in the spring with all of our seedling transplants.  In late May we break down our benches to plant tomatoes in their place.  Tomatoes under cover tend to be healthier and warmer in the fall and so they are late to come out.  The greens we plant afterwards are then a gamble.  Right now we have small kale and spinach.  Nothing commercially viable.  It is not all that dour, though.

We are near completion of our NRCS grant for another high tunnel.  We are looking at “rolling thunder”, a moveable greenhouse system.  This tunnel would live on a rail system and span at least two different plots.  This would give us three different growing areas under cover.  The tunnel would give us the ability to rotate our “undercover crops”, and extend our spring and fall growing seasons.  We plan to be constructing the greenhouse this spring,  setting us up for winter growing in 2015.

Hope to see you this Saturday, and to keep in touch this winter.
Be well!