Well Underway!


Spirits are high on the farm these days. The early spring has given us a much-needed jump on the season, and there’s nothing like long, sunny days full of building projects and baby plants to put farmers in a good mood!

We have welcomed many new arrivals this spring. Topping the list is our first-ever intern, Sydney, who flew in from Arizona to spend the summer sustainably farming with us! Her enthusiasm and willingness to pound stakes for a pea trellis all day in the sun are already a beautiful addition to our small, mostly-human-powered farm.

She is pictured above with our recent shipment of perennials, including asparagus, rhubarb, blueberries, raspberries, & hearty kiwi. Perennials are an exciting new frontier for Sweet Acre. In the past, farming on rented land, we restricted our growing to annual vegetables. Now that we own our fields, we feel liberated to invest in long-term crops, planting a few more every year, and experimenting with our own propagation.

As I write this, I can see out the window our good friend David, visiting from Texas, whaling away on a boulder that is currently in the way of our new greenhouse foundation (I said he was a good friend, right?). With it’s demise, the track of our Rolling Thunder greenhouse will be set to receive it’s wheels, hoops, plastic, and the hundreds of tomato plants patiently waiting in our seedling house.


Yesterday the foundation, floor beams and joists were set for our timber-frame shed. These are beams milled from the trees Jonathan felled last winter in our lower field. Our brother-in-law brought his carpentry skills (and two exceptional children) down from Boston to help jump-start the construction.









Spring is a time of such momentum on the farm! Every day the place looks different – a new section plowed, a new crop transplanted, a new pastured opened to the goats & chickens. At moments it’s hard to keep up, which usually means it’s the perfect time to grab a beer and sit down to watch some farm TV from the back porch – the sprinklers turning, the animals munching grass, the garlic growing before my eyes. That never fails to get me up and out there again – getting dirty, making progress, having a blast (did I say we’re in good spirits??).