The Customer Connection


Well, I’ll admit it.  We turned on the heat for the first time this week.  Mornings have been cold, and we savor our coffee a bit longer as we wait for the sky to brighten over the field.  With a very light frost a few nights ago the salad greens just keep getting sweeter, relieved as the heat of summer wanes.  Although a few beds of summer tomatoes continue to hang on in the greenhouse, we finally have that fall spinach coming in that everyone’s been asking for since July!

Markets last through the end of the month, but customers are already lamenting the long winter ahead without vibrant and flavorful local food.  As always, like a broken record, I’ll remind you of the wonders of storage crops, named for the very fact that they last a long, long time, (even in somewhat imperfect conditions); one of your “crisper” drawers in the fridge, a dark closet, an entryway that’s slightly cooler than your house, a shelf in the basement.  If you look for it, you really do have room to stow some goodness for the winter.  Your body will thank you.  Call me if you have concerns, and we’ll figure it out together – I may just start a vegetable storage consulting business on the side…

Before the market and CSA season really comes to an end, Jonathan and I want to express our thanks for what has been one of our best seasons yet.  A good season depends upon many factors – the weather, the employees, the market masters, and the willingness of customers like you to make an extra effort, a conscious decision, to shop with us.  We do our best to make it convenient, but in the age of Amazon Prime, Walmart Organics, and drone deliveries, we can hardly ignore the fact that you could shop more easily elsewhere.  So thank you for the patronage that is often touching, as we learn about your families and lives, and always essential, as we grow our farm into a sustainable business.

As busy as things get during the season for us, we are trying to place customer connection higher on the priority list these days, adding a few open farm days this season, including one coming up on October 22nd  from 1-4pm – we hope to see you here! We are also always listening for suggestions as to how you would like to further connect with us and/or your food.  “Pick your own” days on the farm?  Cooking classes?  Different locations for CSA pick-up?  We can guess all we want, but hearing your thoughts is always the best way to know what you’re thinking 😉
We spend the winter planning tweaks and changes to our business model (there’s always a few!), so if you have suggestions don’t be shy!  And just to throw it out there, we adore a barter.  If you have a skill-set or product you produce (Dentist? Carpenter? Artist? Whiskey distiller?) that you’d like to trade for great food, let’s talk!