Our Boy, Cy!


Our baby boy, Cy Larkin Janeway, was born on 1/7/18.  The last 9 days have been the beautiful blur of emotion, growth and naps that any new parent experiences.  So far Cy has been good to us, sleeping and nursing well, and putting up with his parents’ serious ineptitude when it comes to dressing him in correctly-sized garments – everything in the drawer just looks universally tiny!  It’s a good thing he also enjoys being naked.

It’s a sweet time to welcome this significant change to our lives.  The wintertime on our farm is full of work, but it is the kind we can strap on a newborn for and accomplish in small bits between diaper changes and snuggles.  Seed catalogues, budgets, job postings for farm-hands, CSA flyers, all lie around the living room in various stages of completion, the groundwork for a successful 2018 season.  Don’t worry, we are also taking time just to stare at Cy’s tiny face and wonder how in the world we made him.  But you know farmers – we’re suckers for incessant productivity, and the planning stages of each season are as exciting as they can be busy.

Don’t forget that this is prime CSA sign-up season – if you’ve been meaning to buy a share, now’s the time to pay it forward for the delicious organic crop ahead!
Looking forward to introducing Cy to our extended SAF family over the summer!