Omega Fatty Acids


Lately we’ve been re-reading Michael Pollen’s In Defense of Food, a book that never fails to re-inspire us in our work growing high quality food.  In the chapter From Leaves to Seeds, Pollen identifies differences between 2 essential fatty acids: Omega 6’s, of which Western eaters (i.e all of us) are consuming an overwhelming amount, and Omega 3’s of which we are sorely lacking.  As you probably know by now, the Western Diet is based heavily on processed foods made mostly of grains (corn, soy, oats).  These grains are rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, causing the Western eater to have an overabundance in their blood.
In and of themselves, O6’s are not unhealthy.  They are important for fat storage, clotting, and the rigidity of cell walls, while O3’s are important in neurological processing, visual acuity, metabolism of glucose, and calming of inflammation.  And guess where you find them?  In the foods we Western eaters so often neglect: glorious green leafy vegetables!!
Luckily, our CSA share and market stands this month will be brimming with all the shades of green imaginable.  Shoppers sometimes find the June harvest to be overwhelmingly leafy (How many salads can one person really eat? they ask).  Well, let that be the challenge of June: salads every day!  The burst of good clean eating will help as we leave the sedentary winter behind and look forward to all the activity of summer.