How & Why We Grow

spinach harvest

We started Sweet Acre Farm in the Spring of 2011.  After 3 years of growing our business on rented fields, we settled in Lebanon, CT in 2014.  Having no family background in agriculture, we came to this living through the recognition of a love of growing and harvesting our own food.  Not only was it addictively delicious, but it became apparent that the act of farming addressed many of the deep concerns we have about our food system, environmental degradation, public health, and community building.  Knowing that farming for our neighbors in CT can have a positive impact in each of those areas keeps us growing.

We are a small, diversified, family farm, producing certified organic vegetables, flowers & eggs for Farmers Markets, wholesale restaurant & grocery accounts in the Hartford and Eastern CT area., and a small CSA.

We believe strongly in allowing the principles of nature to govern our fields. This means that we count on the diversity of our crops, the diversity of our insects, and the health of our soil to produce bountiful, beautiful, nutritious, and delicious food.  Within this Holistic approach there is no room for chemicals, pesticides or fungicides of any kind.