Fall Projects at SAF

The work doesn’t slow down on a farm when the summer ends, it just changes gear from crops to infrastructure.  We’ve created a ‘Projects Page‘ to share with you what’s going on at Sweet Acre this Fall.  These are a couple of the projects up there now that are underway on the farm.  There are many more to follow!

A New, Movable Greenhouse


In advance of the 2016 growing season we will be constructing a Rolling Thunder greenhouse at the farm. The idea behind this rolling structure, is that a grower can extend the season of crops in 2 separate plots of ground over the course of the season. On our farm, this would mean getting tomatoes in the ground earlier than usual (the beginning of May), and keeping them healthy longer. Over the last 5 years of growing, we have found that our greenhouse tomatoes suffer far less from disease and weather then our un-covered field crop.

Meanwhile, as the tomatoes are thriving in their protected environment, we will be planting a crop of fall greens in an identical footprint in front of the tomato house. When the tomatoes finish up in the fall, we roll the whole greenhouse, on a set of tracks, over the maturing greens to keep them growing well into the winter.

Overall, these improvements to the health and longevity of our tomato crop (one of the most profitable and popular crops any vegetable farm produces), and the longer fresh greens season into winter, means a more financially viable farm business for us at Sweet Acre, and more food for the community.  (images from Rimolgreenhouses.com)


Wash Station

For 4 of our 5 seasons farming, we have washed and packed your vegetables in the wide-open sun, rain, & wind. We have stainless steel sinks and counters for processing vegetables for market and CSA days. In the worst case scenario this can mean standing in the pouring rain, ankle deep in mud, with hands so cold and devoid of dexterity that they might as well be billy clubs trying to put a rubber band around a bunch of carrots. Admittedly, it’s not always that bad, but the idea of never suffering through outdoor Fall vegetable washing again is pretty exciting.

Our wash station building would be a simple structure: cedar posts cut from trees on our property, a metal roof overhead and gravel underfoot. Next year we might even add some walls!


Washing veggies in the rain


Getting started leveling the area.


And more….  There’s always more….