Countdown to Good Eats!


The official countdown to good food has begun, and it’s time to mark those calendars!  We are mere weeks away from the start of it all:

We are filling these long spring days with a wild mix of farm activities at Sweet Acre.  Our greenhouse is maxed out with baby plants, from kale to onions to tomatoes, and everything in between.  Bed preparation is ongoing as we strive to create perfect conditions for our transplants.  We have decided to chisel plow our beds to address soil compaction, followed by fertility amendments and a healthy dose of compost.  Last week we got our head lettuce, kale, collards, spinach, carrots, radish, turnip in the ground.  This week is the Week of the Allium, including red, yellow & white onions, leeks, scallions, and shallots, all to be hand-transplanted.

This weekend we moved our massive Rolling Thunder greenhouse into it’s new position.  It is designed to roll from one spot to another on tracks, so that the soil doesn’t degrade, as can happen in a stationary house.  This was our first big move, and we are so relieved it’s done and the house is still standing – all thanks to great farmer friends who came over to provide both physical and emotional support.  Now that it’s in its new position, we will prepare the ground for our first round of tomato transplants, and then a whole new countdown to cherry tomato season can begin.

In our “spare time” we are building intern cabins by the brook and the pond in anticipation of our summer crew arriving later this month.  We’re looking forward to a few extra sets of hands!
Oh!  And baby goats were born 2 weeks ago, so when we need a break we are fully entertained by their adorable shenanigans.

Hoping life is full and bright for all of you this spring.  And looking forward to seeing you at markets and CSA pickups very soon!
Your Farmers,
Charlotte & Jonathan