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The Bartlett Brook Valley in Lebanon, CT is home to 3 distinct and exceptional farms: Sweet Acre Farm produces a diverse selection of vegetables grown on prime soils without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Beltane Farm produces a wide array of farmstead dairy products from the milk of their herd of goats. And M&K Dairy uses rotational and forest grazing to produce beef and nitrate-free pork. As colleagues and friends, we run a CSA offering that provides members with access to products from all 3 farms over a period of 20 weeks, from June through October, 2016.

As a member of the Capitol Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA), customers pre-purchase in the winter a share of vegetables, meat, cheese, and/or flowers for the next summer’s growing season. The winter and spring are the time when farms do much of their planning and purchasing of seeds, compost, animal feed, infrastructure improvements etc. By paying in advance, you provide much-needed capital to the farmer at a time when income is low, but expenses for the coming season are high. In return, we, the farmers, prioritize you as our customer by delivering you the best of what we are producing on our farms, and generally supplying you with more value in food than you paid for.

An added bonus for members is access to our on-line ordering website.  Each week the farms will post the items they have in excess that week, and members can order these extras for delivery with their regular share on Thursdays.  So cheese share members can order a bunch of carrots, or meat members can try out the wasabi chevre!

Questions? Email info@sweetacrefarm.com.  We’d be glad to hear from you!


The Sweet Acre Vegetable Share:
Shares of $600 will receive 20 weeks of fresh produce from Sweet Acre Farm, amounting to at least $30 worth of produce per week, (but usually more!).  These boxed shares will be delivered to the Capitol on a weekly basis.   The vegetable box will include as many plant families as possible each week for a broad range of vitamins, minerals, health benefits, and fun in the kitchen!


Sample* boxes by month:
June: New potato, peas, rainbow chard, lettuce mix, beets, garlic scapes, radish

July: Cherry tomato, basil, beets, napa cabbage, arugula, summer squash, fresh onion, Hakurei salad turnip

August: Heirloom tomatoes, sweet pepper, eggplant, scallion, garlic, carrots, lettuce mix, cucumber, dill

September: Potato, acorn squash, onion, lettuce mix, kale, radish, summer squash, fennel, kohlrabi

October: Leeks, cabbage, kale, lettuce mix, beets, winter squash, turnip, parsley




Happy cows on pasture

M&K Dairy’s Meat Share:   IMG_1504
Shares of $400 with M&K Dairy receive $20 worth of local meats each week. Cuts are selected from the list below, and are delivered frozen. The number of pieces will vary each week depending on their value (for example steaks are more expensive than ground beef).

Beef: Ground, Rib Eye, Porter house, T Bone, Sirloin, London Broil.
Nitrate-Free Pork: Hot Dogs, Kielbasa, Italian & Breakfast Sausage, Chops, Ribs, Bacon.


Beltane Farm’s Goat Cheese Share:


Rounds of cheese aging in the cheese cave at Beltane Farm

Over 20-weeks you will receive a varied selection of Beltane cheeses from the following list: (cost is $145.00).


Fresh Chevre – Chive, Dill, Herbes de Provence, Black Pepper & Plain.
Feta – Creamy with a robust finish
Danse de La lune – French style ripened cheese with a Brie rind.
Beltane’s Vespers – French style ripened cheese with a line of vegetable ash
Fresh Ricotta – Very mild, milky flavor        
Beltane’s Arcadia – Much like a Spanish Manchego.
Fresh Goat Yogurt – Greek-Style




Sweet Acre’s Flower Share:

For 15 weeks from July through September, receive a pint-size Ball Jar of flowers at work!  We grow a myriad of flowers including zinnias, sunflowers, celosia, ageratum, statice, delphinium, snapdragon and whatever beautiful weeds are flowering in the vegetable field!  These fresh-cut flowers stay bright and cheerful all week long.  (Cost is $140).



A mess of flowers at Sweet Acre’s market stand