Big Year Ahead!


I’ve just had the happy realization that today marks the Winter Solstice!  Soon enough our days will begin to lengthen and afternoons will be reclaimed as a part of the “daytime”.  Though I shouldn’t get us ahead of ourselves, and I hope that you all can take time to slow down with the cold and snow and long evenings over the coming months.  For my part, being in my final few weeks of pregnancy has certainly schooled me in Sitting Down recently!  There are times I find myself looking longingly at a book or glass of water across the room and wondering when I’ll muster the energy to go “all the way over there” and get it.  Quite the shift from the usual antics of summertime farming, and one that I am really appreciating as a wondrous and limited-time experience!

We usually kick off our CSA campaign around this time of year, and I wanted to get this message out before our lives get *very busy* next month (Baby Sweet Acre is due 1/9).  The tiny new member of our farm team won’t really be contributing to overall farm productivity for some time, and the big changes we are in for make CSA support more valuable than ever.  On a farm, winters are long and full of next season’s start-up costs, and the Spring goes by without reliable income.  CSA support moderates the “peak-and-trough” nature of our business.  If you have been thinking about joining the CSA, this season would be a particularly meaningful time to do it!

With the exception of our eggplant crop, 2017 was our best season yet.  On top of growing more Organic vegetables for more restaurants, market customer, share holders, and grocery shoppers, we managed to eek out the time to complete important infrastructure projects that have been in the works for years: a completed wash station tops the list, followed by a drainage project that will increase our growing capacity next year, permanent fencing for the pasture, expanding our fruit production… we call it Farmer Nesting.

With one helluva season behind us, we only have bigger plans for 2018.  So join us for whatever excellent reason compels you: the taste of good clean food, the respect organic agriculture shows our earth, the small business economy of CT, take your pick!  And then schedule a series of summer dinner parties with friends – after all, food is community.
We thank you for being part of ours!
Charlotte & Jonathan

You can join the Sweet Acre CSA by: