A Call To Greens


It’s market season, the moment that farmers and customers wait for all winter long in CT. Can’t you just taste the greens? Feel that sweet little crunch of mesclun mix? This is that gleeful moment when we can all leave grocery store produce behind, just a dim, unsatisfying, slightly wilted memory, and instead head out to the farmers markets in your area for food that is infinitely more fresh, flavorful, and nutritious.

Farmers across the region have been toiling away, waiting for this time of harvest, coaxing along tiny plants against all the threats of spring weather and pests. Many of us have strong convictions around why we work this hard. Often a website page is dedicated to describing this passion. I encourage you to go and read the stories of our new generation of farmers, how they got here and why they care so darned much. The stories of some of our favorite farming friends are found at Shundahai Farm, SubEdge Farm, Eddy Farm, Provider Farm, Cloverleigh Farm & Beltane Farm. And ours is here. There are many faces to this new movement, and learning a little bit about them is an inspiring way to prepare for the season ahead – to reconnect yourself with the reasons why you choose to support the people who have chosen to grow good food for their communities.

It’s June, and the bounty of summer is right in front of us. I challenge you to commit to eating with us, with the same conviction with which we have committed to growing for you.

As for our market schedule this year, you can find us every Tuesday at the West End Farmers Market starting June 7th, 4-7pm, on the Clemens Green right next to the Mark Twain House.

On Saturdays we are at the Storrs Farmers Market in downtown Storrs, 3-6pm.