The to-do list


We thought it might be fun this week to give you some up-close and personal insight into our week via the Almighty To-Do List.

The lists we make at the beginning of each week are generally over-sized for the time we have, and so are an exercise in not letting things slip through the cracks.  As long as a task makes it onto the list, we know we won’t forget about it in the midst of the chaos, and even if it doesn’t get done, it will be moved onto next week’s list as top-billing.
Because the season has undeniably changed over the last week (we had a light frost on Sunday night!!), the tasks at hand are increasing in diversity beyond the pick-wash-sell, pick-wash-sell of summer.  We are now gradually turning our focus to cleaning up the farm for winter, prepping our soil and cropping for spring, infrastructure projects, Tax prep, etc.
It has never been easy for me to hold in the present moment both the reality of the current season and the preparations for the coming season.  This is a very necessary skill for a farmer – always knowing what needs to be next month’s reality, and so planting those seeds (literally and proverbially) in the present.  Calendars and to-do lists, as well as increasing years of experience, help.
So here goes!  Try not to get overwhelmed.  Despite what you might think, this list gets us pretty excited.  Many of these activities are projects that have either been on hold for the summer, or signal the slowing down of the season into winter – either way, we welcome the work.

Everyday Tasks:
Milk goats
Move chicken tractors, feed water and collect eggs
Pick up whey from Beltane and deliver to pigs
Move goats to pasture
Harvest, Process & Pack veg

This week:
Seed greenhouse for winter
Set ground posts for moving greenhouse
Order potting soil
Build grain bin/pick up grain order
Move pig paddock
Move winter squash indoors
Cover crop harvested beds
Order more spinach/radish seed
Set up greenhouse for winter chickens
Finish masonry for woodstove install
Write newsletter
Clean house
Fix bent greenhouse rollup side
Bill pay/bookkeeping
Process damaged winter squash for soup
Can tomato sauce
Mow front yard
Move tomato vines to compost
Collect black plastic from Winter squash field
Fill sand bags
Pick up 1000 pound bales of mulch straw from Bryan
Wood chip mulch to apple trees
Deer protection around apples