Join our 2014 CSA


What better way to start the new year, than by reserving your share of this season’s freshest, most delicious and nutritious local vegetables?!

Our flexible market-based CSA allows you to shop with a declining credit at our Farmers Market stands in Storrs and Hartford’s West End.  We do not pre-package anything, so just come and shop as you would for the things you like. We will keep track of your purchases as a declining balance.
As usual, you are free to customize the size of your share over $100, and all members receive a bonus.
Share Tiers:
· $100-$199 add 5%
· $200-$399 add 10%
· $400 and over add 15%

  • The CSA balance will be used only for vegetables and flowers.
  • The CSA balance will be used exclusively at our market stands at the Hartford West End (Tuesdays 4-7), Storrs (Saturdays 3-6).
  • There are 22 weeks in the market season (28 in Storrs).

This is a particularly exciting time to support Sweet Acre.  The big news for 2014 is that we’re buying a farm!!  By February we will be this owners of a  six acre farm in Lebanon, CT.  Over the last three years we have incubated our business on rented land first in Mansfield and this last season in Hampton, CT.  The goal has always been to reach the point where we could pursue a permanent location to grow our farm.  The cost of owning even this small acreage will be a challenge, but will also grant us the stability to develop better infrastructure, grow perennial crops (i.e. berries, asparagus, fruit trees), and manage the long term health of our soil.  As we move into this next phase we rely even more on the support of our community to ensure the sustainability of our farm business.  There is very little we are changing in the structure of our CSA, but we encourage you to carefully consider your food costs and challenge yourself to take greater advantage of the local, organically grown, fresh and delicious products available during Connecticut’s growing season.  The hope of the new small farmer (us), is to replace as many of your trips to the Stop & Shop as possible by offering you a wide variety of fresh produce, and selling at markets that offer a diversity of products like dairy, meat and baked goods.  2014 is the year to learn about the storage produce that you can hold onto into the Winter, ways to preserve the Summer’s harvest through canning, freezing and drying, and try to grow something yourself!

Don’t hesitate to be in touch with us if you’d like further information, or have questions about our CSA or our farm.  Checks are payable to Sweet Acre Farm at 130 Station Road in Hampton, CT 06247.

Stay Warm!

Jonathan and Charlotte

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