Market Day – 8/30


It’s hard to believe that September is right around the corner.  But as a reminder, it seems that our winter squash are ready to be harvested, the garlic has finished curing in the barn, and the trees around our field are just starting to show a hint of orange.  Fall is a welcome season on the farm, signaling a light at the end of this tunnel of overwhelming vegetables and work, and a coming cold Winter to kill back the pests and disease that build up over the hot summer months.

Winter squash won’t be showing up at market quite yet as it needs to cure in the greenhouse for a couple of weeks.  But we will be bringing new potatoes to market from now on, in addition to the usual bounty of late Summer.

We hope to see you today at the Storrs Market to buy your vegetables, and help the market celebrate it’s 20th anniversary of bringing fresh, delicious food to the Mansfield community!  There will be a watermelon-slicing ceremony complete with a machete and kilts, great music, prepared food vendors, and lots more.  We are glad to be part of such a long-standing, vibrant, and dedicated market place in Storrs.

Veggies for this week are:

Tomatoes!!!!  Specials - Cherries: 3 pints for $10.  All other tomatoes: 10 pounds or more for $2/lb.

New Potatoes (very fine skin, creamy flavor, NOT for storage)

Summer Squash & Zukes

Sweet Peppers

Lettuce Heads

Lettuce Mix



Fresh Onions

Italian & Japanese Eggplant

Green & Purple String Beans

Flower Bouquets



Market Day- Saturday 8/23


We are celebrating a wedding this afternoon and our good friends and housemates Mark and Vanessa will be running the show today in Storrs. Stop by and say hi (and do all your vegetable shopping for the week!). I just read the alert that the devastating late blight has been spotted in CT. This is the death knoll for tomatoes and potatoes. Our new field has been remarkably disease free and hopefully we have some time before it moves in. Hot dry weather will help keep it at bay.

This does mean that now is the best time to be putting tomatoes away for the winter. I just packed the freezer with big batches of tomato sauce and gazpacho.  Check out Mark Bittman’s recipe from the New York Times Magazine for some ideas. He has for a long time given great variety of recipes based on single ingredients. So check out the back log for what to do with root vegetables, or cabbage, etc.

For a very simple sauce, I just start with onion and sauté it at the bottom of a big pot for a few minutes.  I add chopped garlic and continue cooking while I core and roughly chop tomato after tomato into the pot.  I fill it right up with any kind of tomato.  I don’t peel or seed anything.  It simmers in its own juice as I stir it from time to time.  Let it cook as long as you like.  (It gets thicker when it cools down)  If you run out of time, you can still freeze it and just finish the cooking in December.

Anyway, on the stand this week, aside from Tomatoes, you’ll find :







Mustard Mix




Swiss Chard



And don’t forget to take home one of Vanessa’s bouquets of cut flowers.


See you next week,

Jonathan and Charlotte

Find us at market

westendTuesdays   |   4 – 7 PM
Clemens Green
Farmington Ave. btw Woodland and Owen
storrsSaturdays   |   3 – 6 PM
Mansfield Town Hall

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